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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life Management

Purse-making numbs me like wine. I love the creative outlet, the time alone, the ability to push my mind to it's creative fullest. Kelly Handbags is the product of an over-worked mind of an ambitious and independent spirit.

I have a full time job; one where I can work from home while staying home with my now three year old daughter. Yes, 50 hours a week, I have a "real" job... but my purse biz is my passion - and I hope to encourage other entrepreneurs like me - through periodic blogging - to "keep on keepin' on" as they say.

It's easy to find successful eBay or Etsy sellers, who've in a round-about way given you some insight to their success, through online articles or elsewhere. I would like this blog to serve as a place to go, where we can interact and exchange ideas - ones that work - on becoming successful in the marketplace.

I'd love to feature any and all handmade products here and would love to share your links, too!

Will be posting more often. Cheers!

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