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Friday, July 15, 2011

5 days on, 2 days off? I mean... c'mon!

I am on a quest to learn the history behind the typical hard-working American's work week - and what we can do to change it! We work Monday thru Friday and then take the weekend off. Does ANYONE EVER feel ready to go back to work on Monday? And how happy are we when it's FINALLY Friday?! And for those of us trying to make a full time job out of doing something we love... this is all EXTRA work!

I have read that religious beliefs have guided our current American work week. How is it that religion - that is so lightly regarded to so many in present times - is something that shapes the whole working class culture?

Wikipedia (which I realize can sometimes only be taken with a grain of salt) reminds us that in Christianity, Sunday is the day of rest. And to be Jewish, means honoring Shabbat, which lasts from Friday at sunset 'til Saturday evening. If this is true - that we have the "weekend" on Saturday and Sunday to honor our faith... Why aren't we all in church? Shouldn't it be that if we don't attend church regularly, we should be able to pick our own days off?

I pick Thursday through Sunday for my weekend! WHO'S IN?!